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We offer custom-made and dedicated offshore staffing solutions to an extensive range of Australian businesses, who want to set up and expand operations in Philippines.Our mission is to provide a simple comprehensive offshore employee solution to give your business a competitive advantage through access of high quality and reliable staff, creating a great environment, at a fraction of the price. Our managed services provide you with a holistic package that caters towards your business needs.

  • You Manage

  • Your Staff

  • You're in Control


Shared Support Services

Facilities management, recruitment, HR management, payroll and IT support.

Operational Control

Your staff, you train, you manage, you have control we provide a broad menu of add-on services including network and IT, shared support and strategic solutions

Ownership and Control

We enable you to ensure compliance to your company’s best practices. This model also ensures cost management with transparency over employee salary and benefits

Reduced Costs

Enjoy lower overhead expenses associated with offshoring. Lower salaries, cost of benefits and insurance are advantages in the Philippines—even for employees with high skill levels.