An Offshore Operation of your own

With our Managed Offshore Operations Model, you gain complete ownership and control of your staff and team. This means the more you invest in them, the better output results from your business gains.

The Benefits to your Business

Improve your competitive positioning, gain momentum, and grow your business in a smarter way with us.

Easy Process

Get assistance throughout the process:

  • Identify your needs,
  • Recruitment,
  • Engagement & Employment,
  • Retaining valued staff
A junior admin staff member can be placed for as low as A$15,000 per year including seat rental, internet and HR services.



We are an Australian based company in the Philippines that provides offshoring services. We started from our own accounting practice when our offshore staff members grew in Manila along with our practice. We have been through ample trials and tribulations before we set-up this team of experts.

We recognise the clients’ need for cost-effective solutions that would allow them to set-up, host, and manage offshore operations conveniently in the Philippines. This is the reason we provide service delivery models that are highly customisable depending on the type of organisation and business operation scale. We provide effective assistance and facilitate in managing projects with an aim at building long-term relationships, whether it is a short-time offshore outsourcing project or a build-operate-transfer process.

We understand the importance of the relationship between your business and your offshore staff. This is why we provide customised services that let you choose your own staff. We merely provide the legal framework on your behalf and provide a professional, clean and safe work environment, to ensure your investment is maximized.