Offshore Staffing: Viable during a pandemic catastrophe

Offshore Staffing: Viable during a pandemic catastrophe

In March 2020, Covid19 have brought massive changes in our economy. It has revealed shaky foundations and unmasked a certain vulnerability to all of us. Significant loss of revenue is impacting businesses around the world causing loss of jobs and even business closures.

Fast forward, as the economy is slowly reopening, we see ourselves trying to regain back what we lost, however, the pandemic has already negatively affected the global economy as a whole. But regardless of the adverse effects in the economy, the offshore staffing and outsourcing industry is all but certain to recover in the next coming months.

During this time, we can see the power of outsourcing and offshore staffing. In fact, in the Philippines, there is a larger need for outsourced jobs this 2020. According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor, Benjamin Diokno, amidst the strong effects of the pandemic, the Philippines is poised for a strong recovery and is unlike “many countries” as it has ample monetary and fiscal space to draw on as well as a young, well –educated and mostly English speaking population.

The ultimate reason why offshoring work in the Philippines is stronger than ever is that the means to save a significant amount of money is there. While businesses all over the world are trying to reopen and recover, they are constantly on the lookout to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost profits.

Organizations are understanding to outsource specific tasks such as accounting, bookkeeping, HR functions, marketing, payroll, and other administrative work that can go a long way toward helping these businesses achieve their goals and reduce their overhead costs. By hiring an offshore staff or outsourcing these types of work, businesses can slowly eliminate some of the uncertainty brought by the pandemic and the risks that go with it including layoffs and business closure.

Offshoring work in the Philippines

Teemcorp Inc. is committed to provide and continue servicing our Australian clients. Our services include; accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, HR management, executive assistance, IT, marketing, and other BOH work.

We will guide you through all the offshore staffing processes and ensure to streamline the workflow, allowing your business to focus on rebuilding and recovery.

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