Call Centre Solutions

Most organisations understand the importance of focusing on core competencies, and in the endeavour, they are turning to offshore staffing services that offer call centre solutions. They are keen to rely upon call centre staff that can handle their critical but non-core processes. This proves to be a huge brand-strengthening strategy that enables the enterprises to manage their responses to the ever-changing market dynamics.

The TeemCorp Edge of Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions

At TeemCorp, we offer offshore call centre services to organisations looking to hire professionals to handle customer inquiry calls, technical helpdesk, telemarketing solutions, email and chat support, and customer care cells. Our call centre solutions are highly customised as per the core needs of the businesses. With a strong base in the Philippines, we are the front-runners in the offshore staffing solutions.

The Philippines – Ideal Destination for Offshore jobs Australia

With our extensive experience in working with diverse customers coming from various industries, we have identified the potential of the Philippines as the ideal destination for all kinds of call centre solutions. Corporate giants in the United States, UK, Australia, Europe, and Japan, as well as many Fortune 500 companies, are leveraging the expertise of the offshore staffing solutions provider in the Philippines. It is a vast resource pool that helps to minimise the costs without compromising on the quality of results and services.

Our offshore call centre solutions offer the following benefits:

Time Zone Advantages: When it comes to offshore jobs in Australia, the different time zones between the Philippines and Australia make it an excellent advantage for the organisations that are looking to provide 24×7 customer support or help desk services.

Language Advantage: The professionals that we offer for the call centre solutions are highly trained and qualified in global business language, that is, English. They can provide first-time resolution to customer calls. 

Cost-effective Communication Networks: The costs of offshoring call centre solutions are highly reduced, as there is a drastic reduction in the tariff of basic telecom, cellular, and internet services in the Philippines. You get to enjoy better infrastructure while paying much lesser than what you do in your own country.

Access to Talent Specialists: The pool of candidates that we offer you for call centre solutions are trained and qualified for the job. They also have ample exposure to working with clients coming from diverse industry types. When you collaborate with us, you get access to this expertise.

Better Resource Allocation: Leveraging the expertise of the trained professionals that we help you hire within the spectrum of our call centre solutions, you can shift your focus from transactional activities and every-day reporting to value-added business activities.

What kind of offshore call centre solutions do you get with TeemCorp?

Call Centre Solutions

We are full-spectrum providers of offshore staffing solutions. We help you hire call centre executives for various services including but not limited to:

  • Inbound Call Centre Services
  • Outbound Call Centre Services
  • Phone Answering Services
  • Order Taking Services
  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Cold Calling Services
  • Technical Helpdesk Services
  • Email Support Services
  • Chat Support Services
  • Customer Support Services

If you are searching for a dedicated offshore call centre solution providers in Australia, your search ends with TeemCorp. Our comprehensive offshore staffing solutions and meaningful call centre solutions bring you the ease of staying connected with your customers and business associates 24×7. We help you provide your valued clients with the best and devoted support services so that you build long-term relationships with them. We are committed to providing quality services that help you build customer loyalty through our call centre solutions.

If you are looking for a loyal offshore call centre solutions provider that can help strengthen your brand, get talking to us now!