Executive Assistance

Looking for executive assistance in your offshore office in the Philippines?

We at TeemCorp offer what you need!

We offer progressive offshore staffing services to help you run your business operations cost-effectively including acquiring potential executive assistance resource.

Our Offshore Staffing Services the Philippines

Executive Assistance

Our top-notch and comprehensive Australian offshore solutions are the keys to establishing your own team in the Philippines while keeping the entire business control to yourself. When it comes to hiring executive assistance in your offshore office, we give you full access to handpick the candidature for the position and choose the work-time frame, be it exclusive hours or full-time. Your executive assistance in the Philippines office is legally employed by TeemCorp and is managed by the human resources team at our Philippines office. But, the entire reporting of the executive assistance goes to you. You have the power to choose the level of direct control you wish to have on your assistant. We provide all the avenues to be in contact with and manage your assistant through email, phone call, Skype and other mediums. We also provide a TeemCorp Manager at your offshore base for effective day-to-day coordination.

How does the executive assistance we provide through TeemCrop staffing solutions help you?

The executive assistance that you hire through our remarkable Australian offshore solutions helps you to:

  • Coordinate Meetings
  • Compile and Create Presentations
  • Create Meaningful Reports
  • Manage Your Travel Schedule
  • Represent You and Your Organisation on Calls
  • Other Professional Assistance Specified by You

Apart from the above, our offshore staffing solutions also offer a local connection on the ground in Perth, Western Australia and Metro Manila, Philippines.

This is what our recruitment cycle for an executive assistance at your offshore office comprises of:

  • Understanding the RequirementsWe start by working in tandem with you to understand the type of executive assistant you require.
  • Pre-screening and Recruitment ProcessWe will source, screen and shortlist executive assistant candidates on your behalf.
  • Interview Rounds and Skill TestingWe send shortlisted candidates to you for further the interview rounds and skill-testing.
  • Evaluation of the CandidatesWe give you complete control of the evaluation process for executive assistants and who you wish to hire.
  • Backgrounds and ReferralsIt remains our responsibility to perform background checks and pre-employment referrals.
  • Final Selection and Job OfferOnce selected, we officially hire the executive assistant on your behalf and lease their time back to you to perform the described duties.
Executive Assistance

Our offshore staffing procedures like hiring executive assistants are simplified and reliable. The communication between the two parties will be transparent, avoiding any kinds of contingencies.

When you see the difference between managed offshore operations and traditional outsourcing, you will notice the explicit benefits of our offshore staffing solutions. You have the highest level of control on your offshore operations with the staff that you hired and the team you built including the executive assistant.

When you hire executive assistance through Teem Corp’s offshore staffing services, you are provided with cost-effective human resource solutions and increase the productivity of your business with greater benefits. Our clients are benefiting hugely from their Philippines business bases through their multifaceted partnership with us.

Hiring an executive assistant for your offshore operations will assist you to improve and extract maximum productivity, maximise the coordination, gain good momentum in day-to-day operations, and retain business focus.

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