Settlement Agents and Property Management

With our years of experience in providing offshore staffing solutions to our clients in Australia, we realized that one of the foremost challenges businesses face is not having enough time and resources to maintain the properties they hold. This also includes making liaisons and meetings related to selling and leasing of the properties. We at TeemCorp offer settlement agents and property management services to the clients in Australia and the Philippines. 

Cost Effective Real Estate Settlements All Completed Electronically

Settlement Agents and Property Management

You can rely on us entirely for any processes that you need to go through to complete the settlements related to your real estate. Our settlement agents make sure that the deal is closed in your favour and all the procedural requirements are met. All this is done by making good use of technology and effective communication tools. We do not leave any glitch or scope for miscommunication or confusion when it comes to real estate settlements. Our settlement agents and property management professional are well qualified and particularly trained to carry out such liaisons without facing any impediments.

While we take care of this part, organisations and property owners can focus on other essential things like relationship building, business development, and company growth.

Offshore Staffing Services for Maintenance, Accounts and Inspections We offer three core services when it comes to property management.

  • Maintenance
  • Accounts
  • Inspections

With our settlement agents and property management personnel in Australia and the Philippines, we can provide you with assistance wherever you are. While we understand that it is not easy to maintain the properties, and that is why we have an entire team to look after your properties and we take away the entire stress of managing the properties off your shoulders.

Our Settlement Agents and Property Management Professionals Focus on Big Picture

Settlement Agents and Property Management

The offshore staffing services that we offer for property management are highly process-driven, and the entire focus lies on the bigger picture, that is, OWNERS and GROWTH.

We believe in delivering results that meet the core of property settlement and management procedures. Our offshore property management strides because we focus on these prime 4 factors:

Chalking out the Repeatable Tasks

  • Chasing rent arrears
  • Posting of new and or vacant properties on the web
  • Instruction to contractors to fix issues at a property

Identifying the Repetitions in the Day-to-day Tasks

      • Enter daily expenses
      • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
      • Daily Invoicing
      • New applicant processing
      • Daily accounting (income, expense, reconciliation)

Maintaining Lesser Complexity in the Tasks

    • Daily scheduling of viewings
    • Enter new tenant application
    • Daily reference checking
    • Ongoing data entry of new and existing properties

Identifying the Non-location Specific Tasks

  • Receiving emails, calls, faxes or texts from tenants
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Insurance claim processing
  • 24/7 or after hours call handling
  • Scheduling and coordinating property viewings with potential tenants
  • Chasing rental payments
  • Tenant application processing and screening
  • Posting new or vacant properties on the web/advertising

We make sure we add value to such tasks through our offshore staffing solutions by helping you to hire settlement agents and property management, professionals.

When it comes to settlement agents and property management professionals, we make sure we offer the best offshore staffing services in Australia and the Philippines. 

Get in touch with us to strategise a deal for your properties.